Our Policies

Policies and procedures at the Playgroup are routinely reviewed and updated. The full set of signed policies is available for you to read at playgroup. Please contact the manager for more information.

You will need Adobe Reader in order to view and print the documents on this page.

Be Healthy

Allergies and Allergic Reactions 2019

Food & Drink Policy
Illness 2019
Medicines Policy
Toileting and Self-Care Policy
Smoking Alcohol and Drugs March 2019

Economic Wellbeing
Fees Policy Oct 2015
Fundraising & Sustainability

Whistleblowing model policy January 2019

Enjoy and Achieve
Admissions Policy
Equipment and Resources Policy 

Inclusion policy
Settling policy
Staffing and employment policy

Student Placement Policy February 2018
Supporting Children with Special Education Needs Jan 2019

Positive Contribution

Attendance Policy
Behaviour Management
Complaints procedure
Confidentiality policy
Disciplinary Procedure

Environmental Policy
Informing OFSTED Policy

Stay Safe
Emergency Closure Procedure
Fire Procedure
Fire Safety & Evacuation
Health and Safety Policy
Injury Policy
lone working february 2018
Lost child procedure

Non collection policy
Outings Procedure
Safeguarding guidance for intimate care January 2019
Room temperature policy

Security Policy
Guidance on the use of images January 2019
Online Safety model policy January 2019
Safeguarding and child protection policy- Hemingford Grey Playgroup
Social Networking and Blogs
Use of mobile phones, cameras and technological devices policy January 2019






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