Lunch Club

Parents of children attending lunch club may either provide their child with a packed lunch (which should be placed in a thermos container with a ice pack) or may purchase a hot lunch provided from the school canteen at a cost of £2.20 per day. The link for the menu is below. Parents are expected to commit to hot lunches half termly or termly, payment details can be found on the Fee’s tab on the Home page.

The children are encouraged to unpack their lunch box and eat the more nutritious foods first. Staff ensure they have a lunch time drink and help re-packing their lunch boxes.
As the children finish their lunch they are encouraged to play quietly or to rest. Children leaving after lunch club then put on their outdoor clothes and are given their belongings (treasures, pictures) to take home.  They are brought to sit at tables to await their parents/carers.

Please find the lunch Menu for Spring term below.

Lunch Menu Jan -Easter ’16

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