As a Charity Run Organisation we are required to have an elected committee to enable us to exist.
The Manager is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Playgroup and the Committee work alongside the Manager and Staff to ensure its smooth running.

Who are the Committee?
We are made up of parents/carers and friends who give their time voluntarily. The Committee is responsible for primary decision making, reviewing both policy and practice, fundraising, the employment of staff and appraisal of the manager.

Committee meetings are usually held every 4-6 weeks.

The committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). All parents are invited to attend this meeting and stand for election.  It is in the best interests of your child that at least one parent/carer from each family try to attend this meeting as it directly affects the running of the Playgroup.


Chair – Sarah   

Secretary – Hannah

Treasurer – Peter

Member for Human Resources – Simone

Member for Safeguarding – Zoe

New Committee members are always welcomed. It is a fantastic way to be a part of the community, meet other people and be directly involved in the running of the Playgroup your children attend.

New Committee members are required to complete a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check.

Please read the Hemingford Grey Playgroup Constitution (pdf, 127kb).

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